The Ultimate Sailing Experience
Sailing Experience along the coastline of the Algarve

During this one or half day programme you are part of the team that handles and controls a 40 feet racing yacht sailing the ocean along the coast of the Algarve.

You will:
  • learn the basic sailing and sailhandling techniques
  • experience to be part of the crew
  • be part of ocean's nature; it's deepblue water and wildlife
  • enjoy the thrill of being driven by the wind
  • have a guaranteed unforgettable experience

Meet the dolphins of the Algarve

Your are gliding along the ocean; the little breeze you hardly notice; but driven by the massive code zero your sailing yacht is sailing faster then the wind. Hardly any movement, hardly any noise, only the rushing of the water along the bow. And then you here peep's, then you see dolphins, a large group, coming towards you to play and say hello.


We sail from Marina de Portimao. Situated on the river Arade, in the middle of the western Algarve, we are part of the best sailing area of Europe. We have wind, less to the east, more towards the west. Not extremely hot in the summer, and mild during winter.

It's the same location as chosen by the Dutch sailing elite. Portimao was the trainingsbase for the succesfull ABNAMRO Volvo 70 campaign. The Dutch Olympic sailingteam trained here for their Chinese Olympic medals. And in preparation for the next Olympics in the UK again the Portimao waters have been choosen as trainings and preparation ground.

Portimao Cup 2nd of May


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Algarve Ocean

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Algarve Ocean goes Canaries!

From mid october untill march 2012 Algarve Ocean will be based in La Gomera, one of the prettiest Canary Islands. Hosted by the long established RYA sailingschool Canary Sail we can offer 6 day RYA courses in this great sailing area, dominated by abundant sunshine and steady winds.

Also our popular instructional daycharters will be continueed from out the marina of San Sebastian in La Gomera.

During march 2012 we will be back in Portimao, Algarve.


Prices for the 2012 season:

1 day experience/challenge  (10.00-17.30)      115.-
          includes lunch and softdrinks

morning experience             (11.00-13.00)        35.-

afternoon experience           (14.00-17.30)        65.-

Prices are per person and include 23% IVA (vat).
For optimal crew involvement we sail with max 6 guests


The J/120 is an award winning and very successful design of the famous American J-Boats yard. She is very fast, though easy to handle because of the retractable bowsprit for downwind sails, her clever deck layout and deep and safe cockpit.


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