The Ultimate Sailing Experience


We sail from Marina de Portimao. Situated on the river Arade and the Atlantic Ocean,  in the middle of the western Algarve, we are part of the best sailing area of Europe. The sheltered rivermouth is the ideal and always sheltered practiceground for boathandling and learning the basic skills. The atlantic ocean offers exciting wildlife, beautifull views, sometimes a nice oceanswell but really seldom nasty chop. We have wind, less to the east, more towards the west of the coastline. It's not extremely hot in the summer, and mild during winter.

It's the same location as chosen by the Dutch sailing elite. Portimao was the trainingsbase for the succesfull ABNAMRO Volvo 70 campaign. The Dutch Olympic sailingteam trained here for their Chinese Olympic medals. And in preparation for the next Olympics in the UK again the Portimao waters have been choosen as trainings and preparation ground.