The Ultimate Sailing Experience

Enjoy a unique Sailing Experience

During this one or half day programme you are part of the team that handles and controls a 40 feet racing yacht sailing the ocean along the coast of the Algarve.

You will:
  • learn the basic sailing and sailhandling techniques
  • experience to be part of the crew
  • be part of ocean's nature; it's deepblue water and wildlife
  • enjoy the thrill of being driven by the wind
  • have a guaranteed unforgettable experience


What if you don't have this urge to learn new skills, to handle the sails and
navigate the river?

You join us for a trip, sit down and relax on one of our comfortable seats and enjoy the breathtaking views, the mystic ocean with it's abundant sea life and allow the skipper and crew members to handle the yacht.

We can anchor at one of the nice white beaches, swim, play and enjoy the sun. If you are lucky we will meet dolphins who come to play with us.

You'll still sail on a fast, and therefore comfortable yacht. Fast also meaning you'll get further, see more, and have the on-board action to enjoy from (out) your comfortable seat.

Just let us know what you expect, what you want to experience, and we'll make it happen.

Enjoy and chill out on the Ocean, relax and come and Sail with us.

The day starts at 10 o'clock. Still at the pontoon we will practice the different sailing manoeuvres, explain what makes a sailingboat sail and brief you about safety issues.  In the sheltered waters of the river we practice steering and sailhandling. The anchor is dropped for a lunchbreak. The afternoon we spend on the ocean, sailing towards the magnificent rocks of Piedade. On the way back to Marina de Portimao, depending on the circumstances, we might hoist the gennaker and experience the thrill of high speed sailing.

A half day sailing also starts with explanation, practice and safety, followed by a magnificent sail close along the rocky coastline of the Algarve in the direction of Carveiro. With the prevailing winds (northwest) this usually involves an easy going downwind sail, followed by beating ourselves back to the Marina of Portimao.

In order to have everyone actively involved and safely guided we do not take more than 6 guests. Children over 10 years old with an (potential) interest in sailing are welcome. 

PRICES (in euro's)
    115.-- pp one day 
      55.-- pp morning (2 - 5.30 pm)
      65.-- pp afternoon ( 10 am - 1 pm)

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