The Ultimate Sailing Experience

Maximum Miles Challenge

Our Challenge Programmes offers high level sailing targeted at sailing maximum amount of Miles in a given period.

1 day challenge:

During this one day programma we aim at sailing as many miles as possible in 6 hours. The day starts at 10.00. You'll get a safety brief and introduction to the yacht. We study the wind and weather forecasts, and decide for an optimal course. Starting at 12.00, back at 18.00, this course should get us maximum miles

3 day (24 hour) challenge

Now the target is setting the 24 hour record. Sail as many miles as possible during 24 hours.
You will arrive with the friday morning flight, and expected on board around 11.00 hrs. Following introduction to the yacht and crew and the safetybrief we have a light lunch to prepare us for the afternoon training session with emphasis on optimal boatspeed and (downwind-) sail changes
Back in the Marina around 17.00 you check in your 4 star hotel, have time to wander and relax, and attend the teamdinner at 19.00.
At 10.00 hrs saturday morning we'll discuss the wind and weather forecasts for the next 24 hours and agree on the best possible route. We prepare the yacht and set sail. At noon we'll start our challenge, to be finished 24 hours later.
During the challenge we'll work a 4 hour on, 4 hour off watch system. 
Arriving back in the Marina early sunday afternoon you will have time to refresh in the hotel, getting you ready for a late afternoon, early evening returnflight.